We design for all kinds of objects (houses, flats, block of flats, office blocks, industrial facilities)

  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning and Cooling
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Gas
  • Sanitary engineering - Water supply system, Waste disposal system


  • Regulation of heating, providing optimum thermal comfort at the lowest energy and operating costs
  • Heat loss calculation
  • Local, multi-level, district, long-distance, centralized heating
  • Coal, natural gas, biogas, biomass, solar energy, geothermal energy, energy of air, energy of water and energy of land, electricity
  • Alternative and renewable sources (heat pumps - air/water, air/air, water/water, ground/water, solar systems for water heating, biomass boilers or stove, cogeneration, photovoltaic system)
  • Radiators (compact, toesl rail, convector air heaters, radiant panels), heating surfaces (floor heating, ceiling and wall heating), direct shared (fireplaces, heaters, radiant heater, air heating, electric and gas heaters)

Air Conditioning and Cooling

  • Cooling (water - cooling ceilings, refrigerating - local systems split and multisplit systems, central systems)

Mechanical Ventilation

  • Forced ventilation (overpressure, vacuum and equal-pressure system), air ventilation, local exhaust ventilation (air shower, air curtains), residential ventilation
  • Heat recovery - regeneration heat exchangers, heat recovery exchangers
  • Whirling diffusers, diffusers, slot diffuser, air diffuser, nozzles, air valves


Complete design of interior distribution up to the gas fixture (public infrastructure)

  • NTL - low pressure connections
  • STL - medium pressure connections

Sanitary engineering - Water supply, Waste disposal system

Complete design of interior distribution up to the connections (public infrastructure)

  • Disposal of sewage –sewerage (drainage), septic tanks, domestic sewage treatment plant
  • Disposal of storm water (infiltrations pits, drainage systems)
  • Hot water
  • Water supply system, Wells
  • Domestic waterworks